G8 主图
G8 主图

G8 touchless car wash machine

  • Touchless
  • Type: Touchless
  • Size: 8000*3686*3400mm
  • Pressure: 120bar
  • Total power: 24.5 kw
  • Voltage: 110V/220V/380V/Customized
  • Port: Shanghai
  • Payment: TT
  • Supply ability: 100 sets per month
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Product name: Touchless car wash machine

Model: Touchless


AItem Specification  Configuration
Machine outside size 3670mm*1330mm*1300mm Self-service parking detection system
Pump station size 1280mm*740mm*600mm Digital security anti-collision system
Liquid machine size 1160mm*470mm*1350mm Rotary washing function
Washing maximum size 6000mm*2400*2000 Chassis washing function
Installation length 7500mm~8000mm Shampoo spray
Installation width 33500mm~3686mm Foam spray
Installation height 3300-3400mm Wax spray
Weight and volume ≥3300kg/≥8.5m³ Drying system
Power requirement 380V/25Kw LED guiding system
Air switch 100A air switch Operate limit function
Machine power 13Kw/24.5Kw Payment station
Pump motor power 16.5Kw/pressure60Kg——18.5Kw/pressure100Kg Prompt system
Dryer motor power 5.5kw/set*4set Counting function
Longitudinal motor power 0.55kw winterization system
Lateral motor power 0.75kw Oil free system
Rotary Motor 0.75kw All pressurized anti-blocking nozzles
Ratio of motor power 0.75kw security alarm system
PLC Industrial intelligent digital control system Auto Stand-by and Sleep Mode
Driving system Inverter frequency + digital servo driver  
Detecting system Intelligent 2d + 3d stereo detection system  
Sensing system Ultrasonic + absolute value digital encoder  
Running speed 27 seconds  
Foam (1-12L/H)  
Shampoo (1-25L/H)  
Wax (1-12L/H)  
Water consumption 65-200L  
Electric consumption 0.4-1kwh  

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G8 touchless car wash machine


G8 touchless car wash machine


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G8 touchless car wash machine

Touchless car wash machine Q&A :


Q: Whats is the price of this touchless car wash machine?

A: Standard type FOB Qingdao USD 23800.


Q: What is the requirement size of this machine?



Q: What is the power of this touchless car wash machine?

A: 24.5kw.


Q: What is the time to wash one car?

A: 4.5 minutes.


Q:What is the actual effect of air drying?

A: Design using the air fluid mechanics principle, adopt the way of superimposed stress before and after, the formation of high-pressure wind column, over a long distance can reach 96% of the drying effect, even more than the hair dry scrub car machine adopted by copying.In addition, in terms of stability and security, there is absolutely no comparison between the two types of wind drying.


Q: What is the protect function?

A: Foam and wax.


Q: What is the cost to wash one car?

A: 0.3 USD.




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